Elevation finishing and thermoinsulation

in stages


Finishing works of the facade together with the insulation of the entire facade and attic are the decisive stage of the project implementation, which determines its attractiveness, economic operating conditions and well-being in subsequent use. Our staff consists of experienced and professional editors, masons and versatile construction workers who reliably implement all general and finishing works. Meeting the needs of modern and classic finishing materials, we offer the execution of the building façade in any system, according to the current fire, insulation and quality standards. We have extensive experience in the application of modern finishing materials on the faccades of residential and public buildings. We provide professional advice and alternative technical and assembly solutions influencing the final effect of work.


We offer:


- insulation of facades and attics by spraying or traditional methods


- facade finishes in natural, composite wood or systemic PVC, ALU, HPL, etc. façade panels


- stonework, stone elevations ventilated on anchors, stone conglomerates


- facades made of clinker tiles imitating natural brick


- facade stucco


- ceramic facades made of gres tiles


- elevations of concrete blocks and fiber cement


- facade panels made of sheet metal